Automotive Grease
₹180 per Unit

Automotive Grease

Company: Apollo Lubes India
Posted on : 10-January-19

Automotive grease is designed to lubricate and protect gears that are exposed to heavy loads, thrust loads and extreme temperatures.
Use auto grease to ensure smooth operation of every part while protecting metal contact points against wear.
The right grease provides better adherence to the gear surface and extends the performance life of your vehicle.
It also has additives that make it an effective water repellent that prevent rust and oxidation.


  • High purity
  • Long shelf life
  • Low prices
  • Precisely processed
  • High purity
  • Optimum viscosity

Specially Formulated For The Full Life Of The Engine:

  • Automotive grease is to find the gear grease formulated to protect your disc-brake wheel bearings, chassis, suspension, universal joints, steering linkages and more. Using the car grease compatible with your gears will ensure the best protection.
  • Grease designed to provide superior high load and extreme temperature protection.
  • General-purpose grease designed for both automotive and industrial uses.
  • High flash point
  • Low Pour point
  • Good viscosity
  • High class additives
  • High drop grease
  • High pressure grease
Min Order Qty
1 Ltr
Product Condition
Year of Manufacture
10000 Ltr
Automotive Grease
PID: 93700
10000 Ltr
₹ 180 per Unit
1 Ltr
per Unit
How It Works?
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  3. Seller can then choose to accept or counter the offer. Buyer then makes the payment to Unstocker.
  4. Upon receiving the payment, unstocker send a PO to seller
  5. Seller then delivers the product to the buyer.
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  7. If the buyer rejects the product, Unstocker refunds the buyer’s money and send an request to seller for collecting product.