ACME Thread Book Sewing Machine
₹400,000 per Unit

ACME Thread Book Sewing Machine

Posted by : Mehul Shah
Posted on : 10-August-17

Backed by decades of research and innovative work, Thread Book Sewing Machine Model KMC 300 Sewing Master has been established as top level product. The Machine is most suitable for commercial production leaving conventional stitcher far behind. The Machine is provided with latest technology and functions.
It is fully enclosed, compact and robust in construction, reliable efficiency and capable for even the intricate block construction. It has very good accessibility to all structural units.

The machine is absolutely free from risk prone possibilities as the same has been provide with ELECTROMAGNETIC systems for instant magnetic brake in adverse conditions.

The machine contributes to good psychological and physiologic working conditions. Due to auto-fed lubrication device, the machine free from general maintenance, resulting in good quantum of production.

Min Order Qty
1 Nos
Product Origin
Product Condition
Make/ Manufacturer
ACME Machinery Company
5 Nos


Large Size of book420 x 250 mm (16 ½" x 97/8")
Smallest Size of book115 x 100 mm (41/2" x 37/8")
Net Weight approx.675 Kg
Gross Weight approx.910 Kg
Speedupto 70 sections per minute
Motor0.37 kw (1/2 HP), 1400 rpm
Space requiredApprox. 1.5 x 1.4 m3 (5' x 4'.7")
Shipping SpaceApprox. 2.1 m3 (2.6 cbc yards)


ACME Thread Book Sewing Machine
PID: 1206
5 Nos
₹ 400000 per Unit
1 Nos
per Unit
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