ACME Fully Automatic Ruling from Roll to Sheet
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ACME Fully Automatic Ruling from Roll to Sheet

Posted by : Mehul Shah
Posted on : 11-August-17

Two Feint Ruling head on each side of the web with brass disc of 45 mm dia. (Standard Ruling Dics) and one or two flexo head for Margin line and day and date or any other requirement Printing with rubber or Photo Polymer stereo.

Main Features

  • Faint ruling in 2 color
  • Static eliminator to neutralize paper
  • Jogging arrangement
  • Counting provided
  • Speed increase and decrease is possible
  • Inching facility
  • Self loading reel stand
  • No necessity of oiling in gears
  • High pile delivery
  • Paper sensor for auto stop
  • Can cut required size of paper by changing gears
  • Machine noiseless and smooth in operation
  • Ruling disc and spacer are of standard machine
  • Imported A.C. very speed control provided with inching facility
Min Order Qty
1 Nos
Product Origin
Product Condition
Make/ Manufacturer
ACME Machinery Company
5 Nos


Core diameter - 70 - 110 cms
Cutting length - 25 - 86 cms
Floor space - 750 cms x 250 cm
Net weight - approx. 7000 kgs
Reel diameter - 120 cms
Width - maximum 86 cms
Speed - about 150 mtrs. Per minute

Technical Specification

SIZE(Machine Width) - 91 cm (36")
POWERMain Motor - 3.5 kw (5 H.P.)
Web Aligner - 0.75 kw (1 H.P.)
High Pile Delivery - 1.5 kw (2 H.P.)


ACME Fully Automatic Ruling from Roll to Sheet
PID: 1196
5 Nos
Price not Mentioned
1 Nos
per Unit
How It Works?
  1. Seller posts a slow-moving/Excess stock
  2. Buyer makes an offer against the stock. He can also choose to buy right there & then.
  3. Seller can then choose to accept or counter the offer. Buyer then makes the payment to Unstocker.
  4. Upon receiving the payment, unstocker send a PO to seller
  5. Seller then delivers the product to the buyer.
  6. If the buyer accepts the product, Unstocker transfers the money to the seller’s account.
  7. If the buyer rejects the product, Unstocker refunds the buyer’s money and send an request to seller for collecting product.