About Us

Unstocker is India's largest online classifieds platform dedicated entirely to industrial products. If you have surplus inventory of raw material, hardware, supplies or pretty much for any industrial product, Unstocker is your go-to place. It helps to deal with the non-moving inventory occupying the valuable storage. We provide you a unique platform, so, you connect with millions of businesses to sell and buy industrial products.

Get on to our website; step into the world of industrial goods. Unstocker lets you register for free and update the site with unlimited free business listings of industrial tools that are sitting idle in your factory.

We are straightforward and so, is our website; all the goods are categorized on the website to make the site navigation easier for you to move your eyes much faster to pick on your desired product. You can make quick choices as we have designed a user-friendly interface that makes you understand the complete use of the products with accurate specifications.

Unstocker is the only place that connects buyers with sellers directly through ‘Make an Offer’ where the former can make a bid for the products in cart and take home happy deals. We offer you the privilege to mutually discuss with the sellers about the delivery, pickup and return details of the products over the Online Chat.